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Erin Manning holds a University Research Chair in Relational Art and Philosophy in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). She is also the director of the SenseLab


The Smell of Red - Cinnamon

with Nathaniel Stern

Glasshouse Performance Space, New York - June 2014

June 1 - 21, 2014
Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red, with Nathaniel Stern
Curated by Jennifer Johung

Glasshouse: 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY

The smell of red proposes a counterpoint of movement, smell, taste and colour. The feedback loops between air currents and mist, spices and electronics, architectural and sculptural elements, stasis and interaction, amplify how movement and transformation are sensed. The work seeks to create the conditions for the exploration of those thresholds of experience where change is barely perceptible. It asks how the smell of red affects the event of time.

20lbs of cinnamon. 2lbs of paprika. 2lbs of cocoa. 3 tornado machines. 5 fans.

Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, with Marcelino Barsi. Curated by Jennifer Johung. With Food Gestures by Juliana España Keller.